Transportation & Logistics Company



We provide reliable and safe truck temperature controlled refrigerated cargo. Our team will keep you connected in real time.


We offer outstanding produce logistics anywhere in North America, our vast network of refrigerated carriers will keep your cargo fresh trough the entirety of the trip.

Dry Cargo

We deliver your cargo quickly, minimizing obstacles at a fair cost with our operation team who is always supporting and there for you when needed.

Specialized Equipment

Our experienced team is as diverse as the loads they ship. We have no limitation when it comes to specialized shipments.


We meet all your storage needs from pick and pack, specialized storage, oversized cargo etc.


The world never stops; neither does Ignis. We move what matters to you with a high degree of reliability, efficiency, and teamwork.

Ignis is a company rooted in family values. For us, it’s more than business! Here, we look forward to connecting with you and your ideas building strong relationships based on communication and trust.

At Ignis, we optimize logistic services by utilizing supply chain management technology and software. This means that we maximize efficiency, with deliveries that are seamless and trouble-free.

Meet Our Team

Miguel García


Israel Ruiz

General Manager


Why choose Ignis Logistics Inc? Our response is simple: great people, amazing team, and rewarding work. Ignis Logistics offers our employees opportunities and exceptional working conditions for continue growth and personal development.

We continually seek customer-focused people with strong business who are passionate about advancing their career.

We are committed to excellence and leadership in all our business practices, and of our employees enjoy the security of working for a reliable company that continues to be an industry leader in an essential supply-chain service.


Sales Reps





Ignis Logistics

Miguel García


I’m responsible for ensuring the business operation, development, strategies, and meeting our goals by approaching new opportunities and managing organizational structure. I believe that having a great attitude has helped me to expand my skills that have made interaction with clients, customers as well as co-workers much easier.

Israel Ruiz

General Manager

I am a hardworking, mature, positive, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible with a great passion for transportation and logistics with excellent communication skills, enabling me to effectively communicate with a wide range of people. at any given task I got the ability to work under intense pressure and sell products and services to customers from all backgrounds.

Sharing my experience with the different areas involved to find the best ways to achieve our team goals.

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